How to prepare for an inspection before a house sale

How to prepare for an inspection before a house sale

Before you put up your house for sale, it is important to do a thorough home inspection so that the house is in the best condition possible. Even a brand new house can have faults which might have been ignored at the time of construction. The purpose of a home inspection is to document the condition of the property at the time of inspection. It is done to make sure that the major components of the water heater, plumbing, cooling and electrical are in good working condition. C4U Home Inspections is able to provide a Kelowna house sale inspection to thoroughly check your entire house. Here are some checklists you should go through to prepare your home for an inspection.

You should make sue that all the landscaping material and dirt are away from the siding of the house. Plants should be properly cut. You would repair any missing caulking around the windows and doors. Make sure all the doorknobs are working properly.

Roofing, gutters, and garage
You should clean all the debris and moss off the roof. You can even use a pressure washer if needed. If there is any damage to the roof, then you should repair it. Clean out the gutters and make sure all the downspouts are diverted away from the house. You should check the door opener and see that it’s operating properly.

Kitchen, utility, and bathrooms
You should check for leaks under the sinks and around the faucets. If needed, you should repair it. You should look for any floor damage around the toilets and showers. Check all the fixtures, appliances and fans. Make sure that you fix them.

You should check your interior doors and windows to make sure they are working properly. Check the smoke detectors. If there are any stored items in the attic space, remove them.

Electrical and plumbing
Check all the light switches and make sure they are functional. If necessary replace the lights. Check your water heater to see if there is any damage or leaking. You should repair them if there is any problem. You must repair any plumbing leaks.

Heating and cooling
“>You should inspect your furnace filter and clean them. If required, you must change it. All the debris from the exterior compressor of the air conditioning must be cleaned.

On the day of the inspection, you must make sure that all the pet animals are secured. You must switch on all the utilities. Remove locks on outside gates. The Kelowna home inspector must be able to access the electrical pane, furnace, water heater, crawl space, attic space, bedrooms and living areas, etc. You should cooperate with the inspector during the day and show him whatever he demands. A good house inspection is necessary before a home sale. It will identify the areas which you need to repair and also document everything so that a buyer can be satisfied with it. So, hire an experienced inspector for your house.

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